Collection: Cartilage Piercings

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The helix piercing, located on the upper ear cartilage, offers a versatile canvas for expression with various jewelry styles. Step up the game with a forward helix piercing, situated at the front of the ear, adding a unique twist to your look.

Dare to be different with a daith piercing, which traverses the innermost cartilage fold, or opt for a conch piercing, nestled deep within the ear's shell, for an understated yet stylish statement.

Embrace edgy elegance with a rook piercing, nestled between the inner and outer cartilage folds, or channel sophistication with a tragus piercing, adorning the small cartilage flap in front of the ear canal.

Make a bold statement with an anti-tragus piercing, located opposite the tragus, or cozy up with a snug piercing, snugly fitting along the ear's inner cartilage ridge.

For a captivating orbital piercing, consider connecting two piercings with a single piece of jewelry, creating an orbit-like effect around the ear.

Finally, elevate your style with an industrial piercing, spanning two points of the upper ear cartilage, creating a striking barbell bridge.

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Cartilage Piercings