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14 Karat Gold Horseshoe Circular Barbell Ring 16 Gauge Threadless

14 Karat Gold Horseshoe Circular Barbell Ring 16 Gauge Threadless


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Introducing our exquisite 14 Karat Gold Horseshoe Circular Barbell Ring, crafted for the discerning connoisseur of fine body jewelry. Made from premium 14 karat solid gold, this circular barbell epitomizes luxury and sophistication. Available in both 16 gauge (1.2 MM) and 14 gauge (1.6 MM) thicknesses, and lengths ranging from 1/4" (6 MM) to 1/2" (12 MM), it offers versatility to suit various piercing placements.

Featuring a convenient threadless push-in style, this horseshoe barbell ensures easy and secure wear. The classic yellow gold hue adds a timeless elegance to your piercing ensemble. With a ball size of 3 MM, this circular barbell is perfect for ear piercings (cartilage, lobe, conch, daith, helix, orbital, pinna, rook, snug, tragus), lip piercings (dahlia, jestrum, snake bites, vertical labret), septum piercings, and even facial piercings (eyebrow).

Elevate your body jewelry collection with the unparalleled beauty and craftsmanship of our 14 Karat Gold Horseshoe Circular Barbell Ring. Experience luxury, style, and comfort with every wear!


  • Material: 14 Karat Solid Gold
  • Threading: Threadless / Push-In
  • Gauge: 16 Gauge (1.2 MM), 14 Gauge (1.6 MM)
  • Length: 1/4" (6 MM), 5/16" (8 MM), 3/8" (10 MM), 1/2" (12 MM)
  • Ball Size: 3 MM
  • Colors: Yellow Gold
  • Perfect For:
    • Ear Piercings (Cartilage, Lobe, Conch, Daith, Helix, Orbital, Pinna, Rook, Snug, Tragus)
    • Lip Piercings (Dahlia, Jestrum, Snake Bites, Vertical Labret)
    • Septum Piercings
    • Facial Piercings (Eyebrow)
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