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Surgical Steel Dermal Top 14 Gauge with Internal Threaded Bullet Back

Surgical Steel Dermal Top 14 Gauge with Internal Threaded Bullet Back


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Elevate your body jewelry collection with our Surgical Steel Dermal Top, designed in a striking bullet back casing. Crafted from premium 316L Surgical Steel, this piece offers exceptional durability and a hypoallergenic composition, ensuring a safe and comfortable wear. Utilizing advanced processing techniques such as PVD, Ion Plating, and Anodized Titanium, the finish of this dermal top remains brilliant and resistant to tarnishing. The 14 gauge (1.6 mm) size and internally threaded design provide a secure and seamless fit, making it ideal for dermal piercings or as a replacement top for other internally threaded jewelry.

The top size of 7 mm is perfect for those who prefer a bold yet refined look, with a gold color option that exudes luxury and sophistication. The bullet back casing theme adds a unique, edgy aesthetic, setting it apart from traditional designs and making it a standout piece in any collection. Whether you're updating your current jewelry or seeking a unique addition, this Surgical Steel Dermal Top combines cutting-edge design with top-tier materials for a piece that is as durable as it is stylish. Perfect for enhancing your piercings with a touch of elegance and a hint of rebellious charm, this dermal top is a versatile and stunning accessory.


  • Material: 316L Surgical Steel
  • Material Processing: PVD / Ion Plated / Anodized Titanium
  • Gauge: 14 Gauge (1.6 MM)
  • Threading: Internally Threaded
  • Top Size: 7 MM
  • Colors: Gold
  • Printing: WIN 9 MM LUGER
  • Theme: Bullet Back Casing Internally Threaded 316L Surgical Steel Dermal Top
  • Perfect For: Dermal Piercings or Replacing The Top On Other Internally Threaded Jewelry.
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