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Surgical Steel Belly Button Ring Piercing Kit 14 Gauge Rainbow - 9 Pieces

Surgical Steel Belly Button Ring Piercing Kit 14 Gauge Rainbow - 9 Pieces


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Discover our comprehensive Surgical Steel Belly Button Ring Piercing Kit, designed for flawless style and convenience. This kit includes everything you need to adorn your navel with stunning jewelry, crafted from high-quality 316L surgical steel.

Each kit contains a pair of elegant belly rings, featuring dazzling cubic zirconia gems in clear and vibrant rainbow hues. The 14 gauge (1.6mm) belly rings boast a length of 7/16" (11mm) with a 5mm top ball and an 8mm bottom ball, ensuring a comfortable and secure fit.

In addition to the exquisite belly rings, our kit includes essential tools for a safe and hygienic piercing experience. You'll receive a surgical steel slotted forceps for precise handling, sterilized and sealed needles in 15 gauge for optimal piercing, a pair of black silicone gloves in size large for added comfort, and disposable alcohol wipe pads for thorough sanitation.

Perfect for navel belly button piercings, this kit provides everything you need to achieve a stylish and professional look. Whether you're accessorizing for a special occasion or simply expressing your unique style, our Surgical Steel Belly Button Ring Piercing Kit ensures a safe and satisfying piercing experience.


  • Material: 316L Surgical Steel
  • Gauge: 14 Gauge (1.6 MM)
  • Length: 7/16" (11 MM)
  • Ball Size: 5 MM Top / 8 MM Bottom
  • Gem Material: Cubic Zirconia
  • Gem Colors: Aurora Borealis 
  • Colors: Silver, Rainbow
  • Fits: Perfect For Navel Belly Button Piercings.
  • Kit Includes:  (1) Surgical Steel Slotted Forceps, (2) Silver 14 Gauge 7/16" (11 MM) Belly Ring with Gems, (1) Rainbow 14 Gauge 7/16" (11 MM) Belly Ring, (2) Sterilized & Sealed Needles 15 Gauge, (1) Pair of black silicone gloves - Large, (2) Disposable Alcohol Wipe Pad - 9 Pieces Total
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