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Kruelty Body Jewelry

Non-Piercing Clip On Nipple Ring Adjustable With Tribal Design - Pair

Non-Piercing Clip On Nipple Ring Adjustable With Tribal Design - Pair


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Introducing our Non-Piercing Clip On Nipple Rings, featuring captivating Tribal Designs for a touch of exotic flair. Crafted from durable brass and finished with a radiant rhodium coating, these rings offer a stylish alternative to traditional nipple jewelry.

With their adjustable design, these rings ensure a comfortable and customizable fit for all body types, making them suitable for everyone. Whether you're looking to enhance your natural curves or simply experiment with a new look, these rings provide the perfect solution for nipple adornment without the need for piercing.

The Tribal Design adds an element of intrigue and cultural charm to your ensemble, making a bold statement wherever you go. Available in a classic silver color, these rings effortlessly complement any outfit or style, adding a touch of sophistication to your look.

Sold as a set of two adjustable rings, our Non-Piercing Clip On Nipple Rings offer convenience and versatility. Whether you're dressing up for a special occasion or adding a hint of allure to your everyday attire, these rings are the ideal choice for those seeking stylish and comfortable nipple jewelry alternatives.


  • Material: Brass
  • Material Processing: Rhodium
  • Gauge: Adjustable / One Size Fits All
  • Length: Adjustable / One Size Fits All
  • Style: Tribal Design Clip On Nipple Ring
  • Colors: Silver
  • Sold As: Sold as a Set/Pair of 2 Adjustable Rings
  • Perfect For: Nipple Jewelry without the piercing.
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