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Natural Cork for Fresh Piercing - 50 or 100 Pack

Natural Cork for Fresh Piercing - 50 or 100 Pack


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Introducing our Natural Cork for Fresh Piercing, the ideal solution for ensuring a comfortable and secure healing process for new piercings. Crafted from high-quality cork material, each piece is carefully selected to provide optimal support and protection during the initial stages of piercing.

Available in convenient pack sizes of 50 or 100 pieces, our Natural Cork for Fresh Piercing offers ample supply to meet your piercing needs. Whether you're a professional piercer or an individual seeking to care for a new piercing at home, these packs provide a reliable and cost-effective solution.

Designed to fit perfectly for creating new piercings, our natural cork pieces offer gentle and breathable support, promoting airflow and reducing irritation. Trust in the quality and reliability of our Natural Cork for Fresh Piercing to ensure a smooth and comfortable healing process for your new piercings.

  • Material: Cork
  • Package Size: 50 or 100 Pieces
  • Fits: Perfect for creating New Piercings.
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