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Surgical Steel Belly Ring 14 Gauge 7/16" (11 MM) Rose Gold IP

Surgical Steel Belly Ring 14 Gauge 7/16" (11 MM) Rose Gold IP


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Embrace a touch of refined elegance with our Surgical Steel Belly Ring in a captivating Rose Gold hue. Expertly crafted from premium 316L Surgical Steel, this belly ring seamlessly blends durability with style, ensuring a lasting and chic addition to your collection. With a 14 Gauge (1.6 MM) thickness and a comfortable 7/16" (11 MM) length, it offers a secure and flattering fit, while the meticulously designed 5 MM top ball perfectly complements the 8 MM bottom ball, exuding a harmonious balance of sophistication.

Immerse yourself in the world of modern luxury as this belly ring undergoes an Ion Plating process, creating a radiant and enduring Rose Gold finish that captures attention from every angle. Elevate your look with this exquisite piece that embodies strength, beauty, and a dash of captivating color. Discover the perfect fusion of form and function with our Surgical Steel Belly Ring, a testament to your impeccable taste.


  • Material: 316L Surgical Steel
  • Material Processing: Ion Plated
  • Gauge: 14 Gauge (1.6 MM)
  • Length: 7/16" (11 MM)
  • Ball Size: 5 MM Top Ball with 8 MM Bottom Ball
  • Colors: Rose Gold
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