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Double Flared Pyrex Glass Plug Ear 0 to 1/2" Gauge & Black Cat - Pair

Double Flared Pyrex Glass Plug Ear 0 to 1/2" Gauge & Black Cat - Pair


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Introducing our charming Double Flared Pyrex Glass Plug Ear, adorned with adorable black cat faces! Crafted from durable Pyrex glass, these plugs feature a solid saddle fit design with double flare for a secure and comfortable fit. Available in gauges ranging from 0 to 1/2", including 0 gauge (8mm), 00 gauge (10mm), 7/16" (11mm), and 1/2" gauge (12mm), these plugs cater to various stretched earlobes.

Each plug showcases a clear background with an intricately detailed black cat face, adding a touch of feline flair to your style. Sold as a pair, this set of two plugs is perfect for those with stretched earlobes who want to express their love for cats in a unique and playful way. Upgrade your ear jewelry collection with our Double Flared Pyrex Glass Plug Ear adorned with delightful black cat designs.

  • Material: Pyrex Glass
  • Theme: Pyrex Glass Black Cat Face Double Flare Plugs
  • Style: Solid Saddle Fit Plug / Double Flare / Saddle Fit
  • Gauge: 0 Gauge (8 MM), 00 Gauge (10 MM), 7/16" (11 MM), 1/2" Gauge (12 MM)
  • Colors: Clear with Black Cat Face
  • Sold As: Package of 2 Plugs / Set of 2 Plugs / 2 Pieces
  • Perfect for: Stretched Earlobes
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