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Double Flare Plug Ear Tunnel 6 to 5/8" Gauge & Turquoise Stone - Pair

Double Flare Plug Ear Tunnel 6 to 5/8" Gauge & Turquoise Stone - Pair


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Introducing our stunning Double Flare Plug Ear Tunnel crafted from natural Turquoise semi-precious stone, offering a unique and striking addition to your stretched earlobes. Each plug features a solid saddle fit design, providing comfort and security while showcasing the raw beauty of the Turquoise stone.

Available in a range of gauges from 8 (3 MM) to 5/8" (16 MM), including popular sizes like 0 (8 MM), 00 (10 MM), and 1/2" (12 MM), these plugs cater to various stretching preferences. The double flare style ensures a snug fit without the need for O-rings, making them convenient to wear.

The Turquoise stone exhibits natural variations in color and tone, adding to the charm and individuality of each plug. Please note that due to the raw material, there may be slight variances in appearance, making each piece truly one-of-a-kind.

Each package includes a pair of plugs, allowing you to adorn both ears with the captivating beauty of Turquoise. Perfect for stretched earlobes, our Turquoise Stone Double Flare Plugs are ideal for those who appreciate the allure of natural materials and seek to showcase their unique style with confidence. Elevate your look with these exceptional Turquoise stone plugs and embrace the beauty of nature in your piercings.

  • Material: Natural Stone / Turquoise Semi Precious Stone
  • Style: Solid Saddle Fit Plug / Double Flare / Saddle Fit
  • Gauge: 8 Gauge (3 MM), 6 Gauge (4 MM), 4 Gauge (5 MM), 0 Gauge (8 MM), 1/2" Gauge (12 MM), 9/16" Gauge (14 MM), 5/8" Gauge (16 MM), 3/4" Gauge (19 MM), 7/8" Gauge (22 MM)
  • Plug Wearable Area / Height: 5/16" (8 MM)
  • Colors: Turquoise
  • Notes: Please be advised that there may be some variance in color and tone, due to the product being made from raw, natural materials.
  • Sold As: Package of 2 Plugs / Set of 2 Plugs / 2 Pieces
  • Perfect for: Stretched Earlobes
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