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Clear Bio-Flex Tongue Retainer 14 Gauge with Threadless Removable Top

Clear Bio-Flex Tongue Retainer 14 Gauge with Threadless Removable Top


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Unveil a discreet solution for your tongue piercing with our Clear Bio-Flex Tongue Retainer. Crafted from flexible Bio-Flex material, this 14 gauge retainer ensures both comfort and durability. Available in lengths of 9/16" (14mm) and 5/8" (16mm), with a sleek 3mm removable top, it seamlessly integrates into your look while maintaining the integrity of your piercing.

Say farewell to cumbersome rubber rings - our retainer features a micro push-fit top, eliminating the hassle of traditional closures. Designed for versatility, it’s not just for tongues; its understated style also suits dimple and cheek piercings. With its clear color, it offers a subtle yet effective solution for concealing piercings when desired. Please note that while this retainer is not autoclavable, its convenient design makes it a must-have for those seeking both style and practicality in their piercing accessories.


  • Material: Bio-Flex / Bioplast
  • Gauge: 14 Gauge (1.6 MM)
  • Length: 9/16" (14 MM), 5/8" (16 MM)
  • Ball / Top Size: 3 MM
  • Colors: Clear
  • Style: Bio Flex 14 & 16 Gauge Clear Retainer with 3mm Removable Push-In Top
  • Note: No more Rubber Rings for Retainer. Micro Push fit top designed to hide your piercing perfectly. Non-Autoclavable
  • Perfect For: Tongue, Dimple / Cheek
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