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Bio-Flex Nose Ring Stud 20 & 18 Gauge 1/4" L Bend Clear Retainer Flat

Bio-Flex Nose Ring Stud 20 & 18 Gauge 1/4" L Bend Clear Retainer Flat


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Introducing our Bio-Flex Nose Ring Stud, the perfect blend of flexibility and style for your nostril piercings. Crafted from biocompatible Bio-Flex material, this nose ring stud offers exceptional comfort and durability. Available in both 20 Gauge (0.8 MM) and 18 Gauge (1 MM) options, with a length of 1/4" (6 MM), it ensures a secure and snug fit.

Featuring a unique L bend design with a flat round top retainer, this nose ring stud adds a subtle yet chic touch to your piercing. The clear color seamlessly blends with your skin tone, providing a discreet and understated look. With a 2 MM flat round top, this nose ring stud combines style and comfort for a seamless wearing experience. Upgrade your nostril piercing with our Bio-Flex Nose Ring Stud, designed to keep you looking and feeling confident all day long.


  • Material: Bio-Flex / Bioplast
  • Gauge: 20 Gauge (0.8 MM), 18 Gauge (1 MM)
  • Length: 1/4" (6 MM)
  • Ball / End Size: 2 MM
  • Colors: Clear
  • Style: Flexible Clear L Bend Nose Ring with 2 MM Flat Round Top Retainer
  • Suitable For: Nose Ring Nostril Piercings
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