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Kruelty Body Jewelry

14 Karat Solid Gold Labret / Monroe Stud 16 Gauge with Synthetic Opal

14 Karat Solid Gold Labret / Monroe Stud 16 Gauge with Synthetic Opal


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Introducing our captivating 14 Karat Solid Gold Labret/Monroe Stud adorned with mesmerizing synthetic opal gems, designed to elevate your piercing experience with elegance and charm. Crafted from premium 14 karat solid gold in a radiant yellow hue, these studs add a touch of luxury to your collection.

Available in a 16 gauge (1.2mm) with lengths ranging from 1/4" to 3/8", these labrets offer a perfect fit for various piercings, including ear (cartilage, helix, tragus), lip (Dahlia, Jestrum, Snake Bites, Vertical Labret), nostril, and facial piercings (Cheek/Dimple, Medusa/Philtrum, Madonna, Monroe).

Featuring a convenient threadless push-in design and a flat back, these studs ensure both ease of use and comfort. The synthetic opal gems, available in sizes of 2mm and 3mm, radiate a captivating clear/white hue, adding a subtle yet enchanting sparkle to your look.

Elevate your piercing game with our 14 Karat Solid Gold Labret/Monroe Stud featuring synthetic opal gems, the perfect blend of sophistication and allure for any occasion.


  • Material: 14 Karat Solid Gold
  • Gauge: 16 Gauge (1.2 MM)
  • Threading: Threadless / Push In
  • Type: Flat Back
  • Length: 1/4" (6 MM), 5/16" (8 MM), 3/8" (10 MM)
  • Gem Type: Synthetic Opal
  • Gem Size: 2 MM, 3 MM
  • Gem Color: Clear / White
  • Colors: Yellow Gold
  • Perfect For:
    • Ear Piercings (Cartilage, Helix, Tragus)
    • Lip Piercings (Dahlia, Jestrum, Snake Bites, Vertical Labret)
    • Nostril Piercings
    • Facial Piercings (Cheek/Dimple, Medusa/Philtrum, Madonna, Monroe)
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